Legal Animation – Product Liability – Expert Witness – Accident Analysis – Patent Infringement
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Accident Analysis

This type of analysis utilizes tried-and-true methods we use time and time again for our clients. We have provided analysis in the form of a written document as well as a full 3D animation.
Our most recent case involved a car accident where the driver came to us to prove that the police report could not possibly be correct. Of course we were able to communicate this with our complex calculations.

Legal Animation

Legal animation has proved to be the most powerful tool used to win a court case. Recently we provided a client with a 3D Animation for a slip and fall case which ultimately won the case. With our extremely impactful AutoCAD software, we flawlessly communicated the impact of the injury as well as demonstrated the other parties’ fault.

Expert Witness

The bar is high for an expert witness – a high degree of education is not enough. We verbally and visually communicate your case to help a jury understand exactly what has happened.
After creating an animation for a recent construction accident case, the client requested that we testify on their behalf and explain the animation in a simple way that a jury could understand. Several cases have been won using our expert witness.

Patent Infringement

Patent infringement utilizes time-honored methods of forensic engineering.
A viscosity test was used in a recent case to prove that the defendant was producing a similar product to that of our client. After analysis and testing of both products, the defendant’s product was clearly in violation of the patent already created by our client.